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The Birth Of The MB Adventure 1

Mark Salems Realization Of His Dream

Abentura Visayan Cruises is a dream come true formulated in the mind of Mark Salem an Australian Entrepreneur who first visited Cebu in 2008 for a vacation.

In this time discovering the beauty and fun of Island hopping for the first time and becoming familiar with the local Banka style boats Abentura slowly formulated.

Deciding although the Banka style boats used in the area were fun and offered customers a traditional and true feeling of being on the water with their open style decks covered by tarpaulins he felt that they were lacking luxury and comfort. At first appearance, The MB-Adventure-1 has all the attributes known to be attached to the style of the Filipino Banka, sleek narrow hull that sits more above the water than below, traditional bamboo out riggers used for their strength and flexibility but that is where the similarities stop. Her super structure boasts 7 feet ceilings and the main cabin runs more than 40 feet in length by 12 feet wide. On her second deck you will find the wheelhouse large enough to sleep 2 crewmembers comfortably and a rear viewing deck.

Mark Salem

Mark Salem

Founder & CEO

A 2 Year Vision To Completion

From the pegging of the ground to her completion it took 2 years. MB-Adventure-1 grew from a timber log into more than 33 tons of timber, epoxy, copper nails, nylon and more, she is considered to be the first Native Banka Yacht built in Cebu and has been nicknamed in her building stage as “The Ark” for her shear size. At a grand 110 feet in length and more than 30 feet from port side outrigger to starboard out rigger the MB-Adventure-1 boasts many additions that you simply will not see on other Banka’s.

In the planning stage and all throughout the building attention was given to safety and reliability of the boat, reinforcing the hull and engine bays and adding foam to her hull along with fire retardant foam in both the engine bay, generator and fuel bay. Hydraulic steering was added for better control of her passage and as a safer alternative to cable steering. Her fuel tank holds 580 liters, which is, situated dead center of the hull separated in an insulated bay from both engines. A 1000 liter water tank is stored in the lower front compartment to help with ballast, although the fresh water tank is mainly for shower and faucets it can double up for fire safety measures if needed.

A Banka Boat Like No Other

Wave breaks have been built in to the design of her hull to help keep her steady in the water and push the waves away from her hull this design also has the added effect of more floatation and gives her hull a sleek finish. All her machinery is new and marine grade along with her electronics and wiring.

The MB-Adventure-1’s frame work was built out of local wood and we mainly used Lawaan Red timber which is considered to be the Philippines Mahogany the side walls were made from marine grade ply and covered with 4 layers of marine epoxy resin. All the decks have been finished in fiberglass and marine epoxy paints. The nylon twine used to secure the out riggers would probably run in to many kilometers and are a high grade nylon.

All the timbers used on the MB-Adventure-1 have been treated with solignum and had been checked by the boats Master Builder to be true and clean.

Traditionally built every length of timber was doweled, epoxied and fastened with copper nails, once her hull was completed she was launched and floated and tested. The main cabin and decks were then built as she floated to ensure the stability and balance. Although by modern boat makers opinion this would probably seem a little strange but from a traditional point of view and with many tens of thousands of these crafts plying the water ways of the Philippines it’s is a tried and true way.

All our builders are traditional boat makers from Punta Engano and have come from long family histories of boat makers and seamen. The MB-Adventure-1 exceeded all expectations in her sea trials and was registered and certified by Region 7 Cebu Maritime Industry Authority on March 7, 2016. In the process the mariner authority considered her the first of a kind and she was given her certification as a luxury vessel.


Our Commitment  Of Satisfaction To Our Customers

We designed the MB-Adventure-1 to allow a more comfortable and stylish experience to Island Hopping, we intend to supply a high level of service and attention to our customers with our 10-man crew. Our Captain is certified BC2 level Captain we have accredited first aid officers on board a well trained team of deck hands as well service staff including massage therapist.

Fun, adventure and style is what we aim to provide our guests with the knowledge that safety is always our priority.

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